About Peter Calvin Atkinson

Peter Calvin Atkinson is an actor living in New York City, completing his training at Columbia University's MFA program.

He has performed and taught around America, both in film and on stage. Most recently training at Roundabout Theater and teaching at Atlantic Theater Company.

Peter has trained in Feldenkrais movement with Sita Mani, Alexander movement with Margi Douglas, Linklater voice and IPA speech with Susan Cameron, Viewpoints with Anne Bogart and Kel Maurer, Shakespeare with Tina Packer and Dennis Krausnick, and Stanislavski acting technique with James Calleri and Ron van Lieu.

He was born in New Brunswick, Canada, grew up in Washington, D.C., studied and taught in Florida, and now lives in New York City, finishing off the foundation for a life of creative work.

His fondest memories are clowning to sold-out audiences, singing to dancing crowds, and discovering the beauty of the vulnerable human heart alongside other artists.