"Ah, Wilderness!" poster for the Sheen Center!

Tonight we start rehearsing again (Sundays are dark) and from here on out, we’re running entire Acts and the entire show! It’s exciting to see the show start to come together, the character start to be stitched together, and all of us having more freedom and play in working through the scenes.

One thing I’ve been struggling with is eliminating my Canadian accent - so many “out”s, “about”s, and apparently I say “boat” with an accent as well! We’ll see if I can put my speech training to good work.

Today I’m working all day at Columbia University’s Nash Studio spaces, re-taping the floors, a doctor’s appointment, and then rehearsal until late tonight!

So much of the life of an actor in NYC is balancing health, finances, and rehearsal - just learning the ropes for now.

Ah, Wilderness! at the Sheen Center

Tickets available at: https://www.sheencenter.org/shows/wilderness/2019-01-25/

Contact me for a discount code!