Healing Our Culture: The Mission has Started


Our culture is wounded.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

Before coming to New York City, I spent two years founding a Shakespeare program at a private Catholic school in Ave Maria, Florida.

The changes that I saw God working through this program were powerful.

Students emerged from depression, developed leadership and self-confidence, and their skepticism towards faith and God started to melt away. They came into contact with their own hearts and started to have hope.

We can heal our culture. I’ve seen it happen.

In 2017 I was offered a slot in Columbia University's prestigious graduate Acting program. Only 18 people are accepted out of hundreds.

It looked a perfect opportunity. Columbia would give me the powerful training I need in order to lead this movement in our culture and our schools.

But in order to go, I would have had to take on $120,000 of debt. There was no way I could do that. I resigned myself to not attending.

Then the heroes stepped in.

God orchestrated an incredible summer in 2017 and 13 donors stepped forward to partner with me in this mission. 

These donors gave me the courage to, like my namesake St. Peter, step out of the small fishing boat of Ave Maria into the raging waters of New York City.

The mission has started.

This past year has been transformative. I have received the world's best actor-training available, become connected to extensive networks of artists, and started developing a professional reputation in New York. My vision for the future of this work has started to solidify and I have begun the relationships necessary to accomplish this mission. 

God is using this opportunity to begin the great work of healing our culture.

But I need your help.

In order to continue this work and return to Columbia University in the Fall, I need to raise $60,000 before September.

This urgent work is only made possible by a group of donors who give between $500 and $13,000. Without them, this is impossible.

Would you give your support and partner with me in laying the foundation for healing our culture?